Hollered [verb]

Definition of Hollered:

shout, yell

Synonyms of Hollered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hollered:


Sentence/Example of Hollered:

I pulled all around her and hollered a little, but there wasn't any answer; all dead still.

D'ye raymimber how we hollered with joy whin a Rooshyan Admiral put his foot through th' bottom iv a man-iv-war an' sunk it.

I remember I heard something fiddling around in the galley, and I hollered 'Scat!'

Why, I passed yo' house yistiddy mornin' at nine erclock and throwed a brick on top and hollered 'Fiah!'

If he had we'd have heard him holler, and he hasn't hollered.

I didn't dast ter hold 'er, fer I'd 'a' fallen meself, so I jes had to holler at 'er, 'n' be sure that she hollered back.

Well, somehow or other it jus' struck us as a grand idee, 'n' we whooped 'n' hollered 'n' swore we'd foller 'im.

When he ran downstairs with my doll, and wouldnt come back when I hollered at him, he was tying a string on her then.

Zenas yelled and hollered awful, and sed he didn't want to know enthing more about 'applyin the principle.'

Then when I sat down to eat it they formed a circle again like a reg'lar band and tuned up and hollered.