Hombre [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Hombre:

Observaciones sobre el clima de Lima y sus influencias en los seres organizados en especial el hombre.

A surprise; now we are ready; 'el hombre prevenido nunca fue vencido.'

Look at your watch again and curse the mucking hombre de negocios who's holding up your big deal.

The hombre next to him is Lawson, who claims he bought my hosses from a Mexican, down here.

Blas Vasquez was what is called in Mexico a hombre de a caballo, versed for a long period in Indian tricks.

Yes, that's right, Ev, that guy is a bad hombre—but why should he catch her?

"Heard him talkin' tuh that no-good, gambling smooth-talkin' hombre named Lonergan," said Gimlet.

I spent a lot of time and trouble getting it too, for the fellow sure was a bad hombre.

He's the cussedest hombre I ever saw—he kin go to sleep standin' up an' not know it.

Bruce asked himself, eying the idler sharply as he passed, “or is that hombre tagging me around?”