Homecoming [noun]

Definition of Homecoming:

coming to a destination

Synonyms of Homecoming:

Opposite/Antonyms of Homecoming:

Sentence/Example of Homecoming:

I remember driving to Atlanta and I couldn’t even afford a dress for the pageant, so I just wore the same homecoming queen dress that my mom had bought me.

Ousted from politics but still part of the WNBA, Loeffler, at minimum, faces an awkward homecoming.

Though the young woman is now too busy with her homecoming date to annoy her older brother, they still make time to signal each other with fries from across the room.

The high school crowned its homecoming king and queen, and sports teams played and scrimmaged before cheering parents, few of whom covered their faces.

Such a homecoming is known in all of its keen delight by only the long-absent miner or returning soldier.

All the sadness surrounding her homecoming could not keep out the sweet feeling of being back that stole through her senses.

It would be hard to exaggerate the stir which the newspapers and the public generally made over the homecoming of Mark Twain.

And in Ingvar's house the thralls wrought to prepare a great feast in honour of Jarl Halfden's homecoming.

So we went up to the great hall in silence, sorely cast down; and that was Halfden's homecoming.

Her homecoming brought reporters to 17 Madison Street for the details about her alignment with the Populist party.