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That’s why activist Terence Lester is making sure the country’s homeless community has access to portable sinks.

State officials on Thursday revealed they have received three San Diego County applications from unspecified municipalities that hope to use state Project Homekey funds to buy hotels to house homeless people.

Officials also announced that there will be a plan to bring some of the most vulnerable students – including those who are homeless – back to physical campus within the next several weeks.

The San Diego Housing Commission is officially pursuing state grant funds to try to buy hotels to house hundreds of homeless San Diegans.

For months, Mayor Kevin Faulconer and the Housing Commission have said they want to buy up hotels to help supply permanent homes for hundreds of homeless people now staying at the Convention Center shelter.

Advocates estimate the bond could fund 7,500 homes for low-income veterans, seniors, families and chronically homeless San Diegans if two-thirds of voters approve it in November, a high threshold for any tax measure to cross.

Earlier this month, VOSD’s Lisa Halverstadt wrote about the uncertain state of San Diego County’s initiative to place hundreds of vulnerable homeless San Diegans and others who have or may have coronavirus in motel rooms as hotels prepared to reopen.

He wrote a letter to Gómez to urge MTS to consider how fare evasion tickets were affecting homeless San Diegans and to consider a different approach.

Since March, the county has put about 1,300 vulnerable homeless people and others who have or are suspected of having coronavirus in hotel rooms to combat the spread of the disease.

It can be a win all around — especially when homeless dogs find a home and a purpose helping wildlife.