Homelike [adjective]

Definition of Homelike:

cozy, warm

Synonyms of Homelike:

Opposite/Antonyms of Homelike:

Sentence/Example of Homelike:

The Castle Hotel, where we stopped, was a very old inn, yet it proved unexpectedly homelike and comfortable.

He was pleasantly tired in mind and body, and the warm homelike room caressed his senses.

It was just such a tidy, rather vulgar and homelike room as no doubt Harvey would picture for his own home.

Already the place was assuming a homelike air, and the long room had contracted into intimacy.

Before night the study looked as homelike as the old room had at the preparatory school.

The rooms are so huge, at least most of them are, and still it is homelike.

For the kind of neatness which makes a home homelike we must have room enough, but not too much room.

A lounge is a homelike piece of furniture, but let us hope it need not be much used.

Such changes destroy that settled, established look which is homelike, and very comfortable to live with.

It lay close to the church, and bore a look of pleasant homelike comfort.