Homeliness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Homeliness:

The magic of the building has more to do with its homely approachability than its size or magnificence.

There should be an air of homeliness and open hospitality about the place.

Angrily she sneered at the simple homeliness of the old German custom.

Odd people, these Scotch folks; but there is a homeliness and a reverence about them which we greatly value.

They wondered I could deign to speak anything but French, and concluded I did so only out of compliment to their homeliness.

On a mind such as his, outward things have small effect; otherwise the cheerful homeliness of the scene must have soothed him.

He conducted us in a cab belonging to the house, for the homeliness of which he apologised.

As it was, she felt guilty for her presence and miserably responsible for her homeliness of conduct.

The pledge was a distinct one; and the very homeliness of the language saves it from equivocal construction.

Her face had now an air of homeliness, well suited to an English household interior.