Homeowner [noun]

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The company sends holiday cards and welcome packages to new homeowners.

Officials with the Department of Land and Natural Resources said they have not renewed the emergency permits, but they wouldn’t say whether they have required the homeowners to remove them, or if they are facing any fines.

Some homeowners and recent buyers who have seen values soar during the pandemic might feel safe now.

Valon looks to change that dynamic by providing transparency and full self-service capabilities to homeowners.

Blessed in Tech will use $200,000 in other federal coronavirus aid to help city homeowners struggling to pay their water bill.

While things like smart home apps and digital mortgage financing services make life easier for upmarket renters and homeowners, none of these technologies help improve the day-to-day struggles of the vast majority of low-income families.

Because weatherization can pose some hefty upfront costs, there are quite a few government programs to help homeowners pay for it.

Sometimes, the homeowner is the culprit, taking an understandable cue from the actions of landscapers or neighbors.

Getting solar panels on a residence was really only cost-effective for a minority of wealthy homeowners.

New Dealers had promised financiers’ repayment on well-regulated, low-interest, long-term mortgages to jump-start an industry capable of creating a nation of homeowners.