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This failure came as a bitter blow to the keen young soldier, who, after reading Homer, already imagined himself an Achilles.

This truth is as old as Homer, and its proofs are as capable of demonstration as a mathematical axiom.

He dropped his last name, thinking the Smith Troupe would not sound as well as Homer.

Homer made better verses than Francoeur, and Homer only drank the water of the springs.

As for Homer Smith, his carcase might rot in the desert of Arizona, or anywhere, for aught he cared.

Later he studied well, however, and became filled with a love of Virgil and Homer.

Some of his comments on Homer Smith were not very complimentary, and this emboldened Eloise to tell him who her real father was.

Nothing can more strongly resemble those times called heroic, sung by Homer.

In a word, Boileau ridicules Perrault much more than he justifies Homer.

Who has not devoured the classical dictionary before he has learned to scan the lines of Homer or of Virgil?