Homes [noun]

Definition of Homes:

place where a human lives

Opposite/Antonyms of Homes:


Sentence/Example of Homes:

The expatriated ex-rebels became alarmed by the non-receipt of the indemnity instalment and the news from their homes.

But sharper and closer anxieties than any connected with rights to lands and homes were pressing upon Alessandro and Ramona.

"I wish the old homes of England had electric lights," thought Miss Otis, with a sigh.

His books were read in our homes, often aloud to the family circle by paterfamilias, and moved us to laughter or tears.

When the last scarlo is burned out a funeral march is played and all disperse to their homes.

The Annandale men deferred reply till the morrow, and slipped away to their homes overnight.

The fact that it is home matters not so much, but the fact that their homes are in the great United States means all to them!

The property of other people was their chief source of livelihood, and the streets, or the jails, were their homes.

Then they all had coffee and cake, shook hands with Pete Senior, and went to their homes and laboratories.

I am welcome in the homes of the very best people, for your fathers sake, Jess.