Homesick [adjective]

Definition of Homesick:


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Sentence/Example of Homesick:

When Shawn was on the Olympic circuit, she says coffee was an easy cure for her homesick blues.

He never returned, but died in England on June 3, 1780, an unhappy and a homesick exile from the country which he loved.

Would you ever dream that four children could be homesick in such a beautiful house as Mr. Cordyce's?

The letters that found their way across the sea were not homesick in these days, and Ikey's mother ceased to worry about him.

My heart reaches out in homesick yearning for the notes of our dear Northern songsters.

Kit could only think of a lost, homesick dog begging for the scent of the trail to his own kennel.

When a keeper sees one of his pet animals getting homesick, he tries to cure him.

He may put the homesick animal into another cage, or give him different things to eat—things he had in his own country.

Mappo was indeed getting homesick for the jungle, and for his folks, but when he saw Tum Tum, he felt much better.

It was natural that he should be a bit homesick and lonely without other rabbits to associate with.