Homestead [noun]

Definition of Homestead:

large farm

Synonyms of Homestead:

Opposite/Antonyms of Homestead:


Sentence/Example of Homestead:

He took mental inventory of his possessions and what he could lay claim to, and he happened to think about his wife's homestead.

Syfe settled with him in cash by taking a large loan on his homestead and giving Barr the proceeds.

Barr had secured Kaden's homestead, and all this Jack Stewart knew, but had never disclosed.

The peculiarity about a homestead is, it is protected by law from seizure by the owner's creditors.

One of the most important questions relating to a homestead is, the meaning of the head of a family.

He went out by another door, almost as the grizzled sergeant came in and stood still, looking at the master of the homestead.

On the death of a husband owning a homestead the right survives to the widow, and usually to the minor children.

In many states the surviving husband is entitled to the homestead right, even though there be no children.

A husband does not lose his homestead when his wife withdraws from the family under a decree of divorce.

And if he sells his homestead and with the proceeds buys another, the second is as fully protected from creditors as the other.