Homesteader [noun]

Definition of Homesteader:

person who finds a new place, founds something

Synonyms of Homesteader:

Opposite/Antonyms of Homesteader:


Sentence/Example of Homesteader:

My great grandfather came here as a homesteader in 1882 when it was nothing but wide-open spaces.

Moreover, as a homesteader, his problem was far from solved by mere access to free land.

The homesteader was stooping still, and he made another pace, crouching a trifle, with every muscle hardening.

They clustered about him, and one of them, stooping over the injured homesteader, signed to his comrades.

It turned out that the cowboys had been arrested for lassoing a Norwegian homesteader who had cut their wire.

He's after my chickens, and as new-laid eggs are worth more than Browning to a homesteader, I got out my duck-gun.

The agile flea is another "homesteader," and if marked, its favorite resting-place on a dog or cat can easily be determined.

The homesteader "took up" his land with but little thought of community relations.

Alec guided Carrots around a homesteader who had marked his claim with a huge white sheet.

From a homesteader who was proving up and leaving we bought an old wire cot.