Homily [noun]

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He mounts his best ruffles and his finest tunic as he sits down to write his homily.

Such a homily, at such a time, must have made Mary feel like a person of a very ordinary sort indeed.

The story remains, the burden of the rude rhyme of the primer, a text for many a homily of old,—a topic for us now.

Well, I did not expect, when you handed me out of my carriage to-day, that I was going to listen to a homily on prudence.

Smithson Junior (as the homily ends and the real business is about to start): "Please, sir, is it sterilized?"

The homily consists of two parts, very dissimilar in style and discordant in tone; the joint is plainly discernible at 81/76.

It is not improbable that it may have been written by the "learned clerke Johan Belleth," to whom the writer of the homily refers.

No sirkar ever doubted less than she, and the suggestions in King's little homily did not please her.

He rose and stood on the hearth-rug with his hands behind him, as he delivered his little homily for Kitty's benefit.

The keynote of the Irish homily is struck in this first section.