Homogenous [adjective]

Definition of Homogenous:

similar, comparable

Synonyms of Homogenous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Homogenous:

Sentence/Example of Homogenous:

Rothermel’s equations allowed analysts to model fire like a game of Go, across homogenous cells of a two-dimensional landscape.

They, they function better in more ethnically homogenous places.

Our communities are becoming ever more socioeconomically and politically homogenous.

Add the flour and mix on low speed until it is no longer visible and the mixture is homogenous.

The researchers have filed a provisional patent on a process to manipulate steel into a more homogenous form that could yield longer-lasting, more chip-­resistant blades.

The challenges in this migration, says Brock, are technical as well as operational—taking networks and IT systems that were largely homogenous to ones that are fully customizable.

There’s all these studies that show that when a body is more blended, where it’s not homogenous, it makes smarter and better decisions.

Homogenous: similar in structure due to a community of descent.