Homosexuality [noun]

Definition of Homosexuality:

sexual character

Synonyms of Homosexuality:

Opposite/Antonyms of Homosexuality:


Sentence/Example of Homosexuality:

Carmona said he has learned how to take care of himself, how to be himself, how to enjoy differences and has seen his self-esteem grow to the point that people’s opinions about his homosexuality no longer bother him.

Church teachings on homosexuality and gender identity remain unchanged.

The decriminalization of homosexuality in Bhutan is a huge achievement.

Under considerable social pressure, Plomer — who at 22 had begun to realize and accept his homosexuality — jumped on a ship bound for Japan and wound up settling in London, in 1929.

Back when homosexuality was considered a disorder, it was blamed on absent fathers.

Steeped in grief and blaming Cyril’s homosexuality for his death, George used letters that had been written to Cyril by several of his companions at Harvard to convince Acting Dean Chester Noyes Greenough to investigate homosexuality at the school.

The activists, led by Kameny, became the first to challenge the scientific validity of the DSM’s “mental illness” classification of homosexuality on grounds that it was based almost entirely on observations of patients under psychiatric treatment.

Duddy-Burke also questioned what, if any, impact they will have on church teachings about homosexuality and gender identity.

Negative perceptions of homosexuality led to the criminalization of same-sex relations in 2014.

Perversely enough, the prohibition on explicit references to homosexuality made it the perfect menace.