Hones [verb]

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Hones folks wouldn give ole Black Strap dat amoun uv money fo dat lilly bitty ride less dey was suthin fishy.

Mebby yo tink mos eveybody as big a fool as yo is, Mr. Sniffins, but yo see deys some wise an hones ones yit, don yo?

There are long-hones in your legs and arms, and many short ones in your fingers and toes.

Mowgli could see that neither wolf nor jackal had touched the hones, which were laid out naturally.

Most of the razor hones used in the United States are imported.

There were at least a thousand persons present on the occasion of Hones visit.

They had also several hones and a fair amount of provisions and stores.

Kotranis, and Bilar a little lower down, from which the best hones are exported, are ruined by Kurdish exactions.

Not but what he aint hansome, baldish haid an all, with them hones eyes an that upstandin look.

Dar ain' 'oom fer all de yerth ter strut roun' wid dey han's in dey pockets en dey nose tu'nt up des caze dey's hones'.