Honeycomb [verb]

Definition of Honeycomb:

make a hole in

Synonyms of Honeycomb:

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Sentence/Example of Honeycomb:

WaveCel uses a honeycomb structure that both crushes and shears laterally on impact to lessen linear and rotational energy.

In case you missed it, the central honeycomb stands for “Value”, which can only be fully achieved when all other surrounding factors are met.

They do this by repairing the wax caps on the queens’ cells in the honeycomb.

When these components join up, they create an open, honeycomb-like structure.

It was like honeycomb, the cells of which had been sliced by a knife; the shining metal brimmed over in the delicate quartz cells.

You must have seen a "cob" of Indian corn some time, with all the flat yellow grains nestling in a honeycomb of little cells.

All the wasps which I have hitherto described have their tiers of cells single: now, the honeycomb is invariably double.

Johnny started to take an apple out of his pack, then changed his mind and took a piece of honeycomb.

The piebald sniffed at the honeycomb, then jerked up its head to watch him suspiciously.

A cloud of disturbed bees hung above, and he snatched it away quickly lest they should notice the honeycomb inside.