Honing [verb]

Definition of Honing:


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Sentence/Example of Honing:

Many of our treasured neural capabilities—memory, decision-making—are honed as we explore the world around us.

After campaigns in recent years against critics in civil society, from lawyers to human rights defenders, the Party has honed in this year on criticism from its inner circle.

Rather, you should hone in on a specific subtopic of SEO and take it from there.

Have them research surfing camps, and spend winter break honing their core strength.

Heading into the next phase of Palantir’s march to the public markets, I was very curious to see how the company would hone its S-1 filing to give itself the best possible shot during its impending debut.

When and if this public health crisis dissipates, the young entrepreneurs plan to attend college to hone their business skills.

Yankees pitcher Adam Ottavino turned around his career thanks to a new pitch and better command honed in the confines of a Manhattan storefront.

Anton Martek, sitting on a pile of hay and honing an ax, looked up and grinned.

You would miss the football game in Richmond, but we are certainly honing for you, honey.

With this done, the operation is in general performed, and the wondrous difficulty of honing the razor vanishes.