Honking [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Honking:

The rattle of wagons may be heard distinctly, and the rumble of cars, with occasionally the honk of an automobile horn.

Cleek had no opportunity to reply, for at that moment the quiet of the country was suddenly broken by the sharp Honk!

Out stepped the lordly James Edward and lifted head and wings with a troubled honk-a, honka.

They stretched their long necks and the big gander uttered a questioning "honk!"

The raucous voice of the peddler, the din of trucks, the honk of automobiles, the clatter of the city—all these are absent.

A moment later, with the honk of a horn, a yellow taxi rounded the corner and bore his way.

His eyes light on Honk who is leaning forward with hand raised to his ear, listening.

He clapped his wings when he had finished his heroic story, and sent forth such a "Honk!"

He stopped there, looked at me, and gave a sort of glad 'Honk' as though he knew me and was glad to see me.

At this critical instant the honk of an automobile horn drew the crowd's attention.