Honorably [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Honorably:

Finally, I’ll give an honorable mention to Lattice CEO Jack Altman’s New Years Eve filing, which shows that the executive plans to raise $20 million for a new fund.

I guess immigrants are a low priority for such an honorable and busy character.

I'll give a quick honorable mention to Lorenzo il Magnifico, which I tested out a year ago when it was still in beta on Steam and of which I thought highly—but which I haven't gotten to try in its newest version.

Voters there can do the country — and, frankly, decent and honorable Republicans — a service by refusing to send two of the worst actors in this horror show, Sens.

He felt like the appropriate thing and honorable thing to do would be to not put his supporters in a tough situation.

I have for all worldly goods, two hundred and fifty dollars, with which I shall honorably pay my hotel bill.

"Rice and fish will soon honorably eventuate," Um assured him as she went back, smiling, into the kitchen.

Worthy people continued to think that those which remained in the Diard salons were not honorably acquired.

But he reassured them, and brought the embassy with all courtesy before Duke Godfrey, who entreated the Egyptians very honorably.

To quit his laborious sentry-post; honorably lay-up his arms, and be gone to his rest:—all Eternity to rest in, O George!