Honorarium [noun]

Definition of Honorarium:

complimentary fee

Synonyms of Honorarium:

Opposite/Antonyms of Honorarium:

Sentence/Example of Honorarium:

No man parts wis zat which is valuable, to strangers, wisout a proper honorarium.

You bet old Rae fell on his neck with tears of joy, and sent him off with a handsome honorarium, as your gentle speech has it.

He drew fees as a director, a special honorarium in recognition of the value of his title, and his share of the profits.

The honorarium of five hundred pounds which I got, and of which I spent nearly the half in London, did not make me rich at all.

Besides his honorarium he was offered free lodgings in the theatre buildings.

Let him propose the honorarium; if acceptable we will send him a contract for three years.

He is willing to pay 40 ducats for the songs and marches and to remit part of the honorarium in advance.

As soon as I know that the honorarium for the Mass and the other works is here all these things can be delivered by the 15th.

Beethoven is advised to write to him and also to Brentano in Frankfort, who had been authorized to collect the honorarium.

As regards the Mass you know that at an earlier date I wrote you that a larger honorarium had been offered me.