Honored [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Honored:

It was the Frenchman whom Lady Victoria had honored with so much of her attention the evening before.

Men conspicuous in life for knowledge, bravery, or other noble qualities and unusual merits are honored after death.

What did it mean, and who was this young girl who honored with such gracious memorials the grave of my long-buried sister?

From that night we were accorded all the privileges of honored guests in the great hacienda.

Madame Guillaume, surprised at this manly delicacy, honored her husband with a nod of approval.

I'm glad if she didn't mean it, papa; but I don't like such things said to my dear, honored father even in jest.

Yet those men volunteered it with others, and were chosen; for which they thought themselves highly honored.

In accordance with the time-honored New England custom, on Sunday morning we had our “baked beans.”

In vain I asked his name and address; in vain I begged him to dine with me—to become my honored guest.

All classes united in paying the last tribute of respect to the honored dead.