Honors [noun]

Definition of Honors:


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Sentence/Example of Honors:

He passed through all the honors of the law, and in 1836 became lord chancellor.

He never attended school a single day of his life, yet gradually rose by his own efforts to the highest military and civil honors.

Cavaill-Coll, during his long career, received from the Universal Expositions the highest honors.

After receiving the honors of persecution, am I to expect the still greater one of martyrdom?

The least opulent in the Academy were the first to reject his offers, and to prefer liberty to pensions and honors.

Nor do I care for those compensatory honors that my position and family influence might have secured for me.

He obtained great distinction, honors and a large fortune, by his success in the practice of medicine.

He desired at any price to obtain a title, honors, and consideration in keeping with his present wealth.

He was also remarkably charitable, and put a greater value on virtues and abilities than upon riches and honors.

Zeno declined all worldly honors in order that he might diffuse the doctrines of his master.