Hoodlums [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Hoodlums:

I started toward the buffet, or rather toward the crowd of male and female hoodlums who completely blocked it from my sight.

To think of us going about like a gang of beggars pleading to be taken in and allowed to dance with a lot of hoodlums and muckers.

Ward Three was the hangout of a cheap gang of hoodlums, numbering some four hundred, who went in for small crimes mostly.

"I hope we shan't run into a gang of hoodlums again," said the sailorman respectfully.

Its occupants, fleeing from the city, had been attacked and dragged down by a gang of slum dwellers—hoodlums.

The boy denied having done this, but the hoodlums went into the hotel, ransacked and overturned everything.

I had not gone far when I was jeered at by boys and larger hoodlums and saluted with such questions as "Soger will ye work?"

Yes; I wouldn't want to say hoodlums, but they were, you know.

They are Hoodlums, gangs of whom per ambulate the worst alleys, and pass in and out of the vilest kennels.

As we neared the equator again, there was nothing to disturb the peaceful splendor of life, except the little hoodlums on board.