Hoodwinked [verb]

Definition of Hoodwinked:


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Sentence/Example of Hoodwinked:

It’s relatively easy to get hoodwinked by online pharmacies that promise quality drugs at bargain prices.

Under this name he hoodwinked the cunning Cerizet, inducing that "man of business" to endorse some notes for him.

But I am not going to be hoodwinked by the thirty thousand francs to be made by spoiling good canvas.

How long will the medical profession continue to be hoodwinked by means of such transparent falsehoods?

I am no fool to be hoodwinked, especially where my little Amy is concerned.

Napoleon having been successfully hoodwinked, Bismarck turned to Italy.

Madame's enemies were completely hoodwinked, but Louis fell head over ears in love with the maid of honour.

The French people have permitted themselves to be hoodwinked in the most outrageous manner.

But, I repeat, it was unwillingly that we adopted this incognito, which moreover hoodwinked nobody.

A hoodwinked female figure balances two swords upon her shoulders.