Hoofing [verb]

Definition of Hoofing:

walk back and forth

Synonyms of Hoofing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hoofing:



Sentence/Example of Hoofing:

There'll be a stampede, with every laborer on the line hoofing it for Copah.

Henry wasn't with the car, at that moment, but was hoofing it into Ash Fork from the hills, glad to have his scalp with him.

I was hoofing it over the flinty highway, trying to favour my blisters, when I heard a hail behind me.

But I had sterner work before me than to stand hoofing it by myself on gravel drives.

Trust Gladys for hoofing her out of it in double quick time, he remarked.

We shall be much happier ranching or hoofing it with the Lost Legion.

Weve got a good thirty miles of hoofing it down the trail before well be anywhere near a place we can get horses.

Weve done better than twenty miles of hoofing it along this trail since sunup.