Hookers [noun]

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Hooker says he wounded him with a knife, but if that happened it was more probably the act of some kerne.

Sumner and Hooker were to use those opposite the town, and Franklin those at Bernard's.

(p. 185) Lee followed, intending to give battle, but he found Hooker in a position of such strength that he hesitated.

There were frequent rains, which prevented any movement during the winter; but General Hooker was not idle.

It was generally believed in Hooker's army that Lee, finding the position too impregnable, was retiring.

Hooker saw that the position could not be held without great loss of life.

In reviewing this battle, it is apparent that Hooker's movement to Chancellorsville was a surprise to Lee.

Hooker also recrossed, took up his bridges, and the army returned again to its camp.

A constant demonstration was kept up by Anderson to deceive Hooker as to Lee's intentions.

Both armies were busy through the night, preparing for the great struggle,—Lee to attack and Hooker to defend.