Hooted [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Hooted:

Now men laughed at him, pointed to him with their fingers, and made their children mock and hoot the penniless insolvent.

And there was music in all the saloons and restaurants; it rose and fell with the noise of the tin horn and the hoot of the happy.

When the owls beat their wings and gave the mating call and hoot, it was like a foam of noise rising over a river of silence.

The soft hoot of a little owl came through the dusk, and between its calls the men's voices rose and fell.

The owl, whose matin hoot announces the appearance of the sun, had already given its melancholy note.

She hastily put out her light, saw that all the window-bolts were fastened, and left him to hoot.

Of course the boys of the town were attracted by the stranger's singular movements, and began to hoot and jeer.

From time to time he gave the peculiar hoot or call of the Yybichy, huhuhuhu (paragraph 32).

They began to hoot and hiss, calling Checco foul names, accusing him of causing all their troubles, naming him tyrant and usurper.

"Just understand that I don't give a hoot in a scuttlebutt if you do turn me over to the police," pursued the man.