Hooves [noun]

Definition of Hooves:

foot of animal

Synonyms of Hooves:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hooves:


Sentence/Example of Hooves:

She released it and flung herself backward to dodge the flying hooves.

Then there came a low and muffled drumming, like the pounding of thousands of hooves.

The answer came in a savage, squealing scream and the pound of cloven hooves.

Then she saw the book, knocked to one side by the unicorn's hooves.

Then he stamped on the ground with his hooves, lifted his head high and neighed three times.

Instantly it struck fire out of its hooves and sprang down the side of a hill.

I will give thee eight annas, for much money is not picked out of horses' hooves, and it must suffice for many days.

So they coursed away, speeding behind their Chief and Bhanavar; sweet were the desert herbs under their crushing hooves!

He came ploughing across the yard like a freight train, the driving hooves taking huge chunks out of the smooth green sod.

The hooves of the little horse drummed over the wooden piles, then sank softly into the sandy road.