Hopelessly [adverb]

Definition of Hopelessly:

without hope

Synonyms of Hopelessly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hopelessly:

Sentence/Example of Hopelessly:

In the later half of the campaign of 1806 he hopelessly failed to make any headway against the Russians east of the Vistula.

"But it was n't a lie," Punch would begin, charging into a laboured explanation that landed him more hopelessly in the mire.

Fortunately he did not live long enough after his brother hopelessly to embitter his daughter's youth.

And so the Portsmouth Road was kept open in that wild winter, while most of the main roads in England were hopelessly snowed up.

It would be the just man immolating himself uselessly and hopelessly for his country.

Individual genius can only struggle hopelessly with the shackles of a conventional system.

He had been very wild and violent, and the intimation that he was hopelessly intoxicated was not very carefully concealed.

But the particular flower of the flock to whom I have hopelessly lost my heart is Tibby Birse.

I cannot tell you how hopelessly or fearfully I suffered, or what depths of despondency and despair and blackness I was cast into.

Also, nature had conspired against Henry by handing him with a pair of hopelessly myopic eyes.