Hopes [noun]

Definition of Hopes:

longing; dream

Opposite/Antonyms of Hopes:

Sentence/Example of Hopes:

The hopes of a man that is void of understanding are vain and deceitful: and dreams lift up fools.

Then, if you gentlemen are successful here, and capture Fulton and Jefferson City, our brightest hopes will be fulfilled.

Now that Lawrence was out of the army, he was in hopes that he would stay out, and he showed his disappointment in his face.

Before he faced Lettice, he must forget a moment—forget his fears, his hopes, his ceaseless torment of belief and doubt.

One day the hopes of all were aroused by a distant roar in the mountains, only to be dashed by finding it to be thunder.

“Chaplet”—a wreath or garland signed for by him in his ambitious hopes—expresses his birth-date by Con.

In hopes to sooth him, the Marchioness asked two or three questions respecting Wharton.

Surely France must now recognise that he alone could save her; but the second restoration dashed his hopes to the ground.

It is true that I was impressed with him in a way, because the man was rather—er, inspiring, and I entertained hopes.

Yes, on the whole, I was more fortunate than had my ambitious hopes been realised to the full.