Hopper [noun]

Definition of Hopper:

container for disposal, storage

Synonyms of Hopper:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hopper:


Sentence/Example of Hopper:

Each machine has but just sufficient powder in its hopper to run until a new supply can reach it.

The only kind to use are short-hopper closets with a trap that opens into the soil-pipe above the floor.

The star ship had not lifted, that message had found its way south, passed along by hopper and merman.

Dr. Hopper wrote a number of poems that were publisht in three volumes.

Edward Hopper came in 1868 and on June 29, 1869, he was installed as pastor.

Pan, plunger, or hopper closets will not be permitted in any building.

When we got to the cider-mill, all we had to do was to pull out a peg, and the apples would roll out into the hopper of the mill.

In the meantime Steve Rush, with a few seconds' start of his companion, had gone on down through the hopper.

"I won't become a clod-hopper," I exclaimed, seeing the dreary, endless monotony of such a life.

Evidently the charm had commenced to take effect, or Miss Hopper's remarks had disturbed the young lady's equanimity.