Horde [noun]

Definition of Horde:

uncontrolled throng, pack

Synonyms of Horde:

Opposite/Antonyms of Horde:


Sentence/Example of Horde:

Along with the retail hordes on Reddit, wealthy investors played an important role in GameStop’s rise.

In China the patriarch of a nomad horde became emperor of a nation retaining ancestor worship as its chief religious system.

The failure of this horde did not in the least check the proceedings of Sharp or Lauderdale or their like-minded colleagues.

In 1810 a threatened attack from a marauding horde of Kafirs was averted in answer to prayer.

It was this inspiration that changed a strong German horde into a people that loved culture, art and education.

He led the Auvergners to the left of the battle, where the Seljouk horde seemed thinnest.

Let him leave the whole horde of abstract subjects found in old rhetorics alone.

Thurstane posted Kelly and one of the Mexicans on the exterior wall to watch the movements of the savage horde in the plain below.

According to one of the historians of that time, among the chiefs of Alaric's horde a Garibaldi commanded a "squadra."

The first died with a smile of scorn upon his lips for that paid horde, who had massacred them, ten against one.