Hordes [noun]

Definition of Hordes:

uncontrolled throng, pack

Synonyms of Hordes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hordes:


Sentence/Example of Hordes:

The new day had hardly begun when the guerrilla hordes poured down on Foster's little army, confident of an easy victory.

His object was to reach Allahabad that night—not to hew his way through opposing hordes and risk being cut down in the process.

These people were then compelled to enter into a contract with these wild hordes, and to buy themselves off by a yearly tribute.

But of the hordes of scribblers that followed in the wake of Hudibras, scarcely any possessed Butler's sense of satiric propriety.

He could see how it went—the hordes of half-educated people who read books and were moved to write something like them.

Kilidge Arslan must have called round him all his easternmost hordes, and intends battle.

If he could not stamp out the Christians with his hordes, at least he could make famine and thirst fight against them.

They cannot be expected to do business as usual in the way of giving milk when they are tormented by hordes of flies.

The grandees kept gloomy state in vast palaces filled with hordes of idle servants.

In fact, rumor of the rising of the Kirghiz hordes, and of the Tartar invasion had transpired in some degree.