Horizons [noun]

Definition of Horizons:

skyline, extent

Synonyms of Horizons:

Opposite/Antonyms of Horizons:


Sentence/Example of Horizons:

The scale was vaster, horizons wider, beauty and wonder walked hand in hand with love and death.

The contrast in all other respects only served to open new horizons to both and draw the bonds of friendship closer.

It was a shame to her, but she could not help it, because one living within narrow horizons must have limited aims.

Not far to the south, Dylara saw a low range of mountains extending to the horizons.

The existence of pebble beds at different horizons is a noteworthy feature.

Mayo had been a man of the open—of wide horizons, drinking from the fount of all the air under the heavens.

This sympathy may sometimes be qualified by the seen limits of his apprehension, but it almost revels as such horizons recede.

My monotonous way of living, my drudgery, my narrow horizons—all that could not satisfy a soul like yours, longing for liberty.

He drew a breath, in the salt breath of the sea, even as he had breathed in the Alps, when contemplating those ice-bound horizons.

These are splendidly grouped and combined; gradually they fade into mysterious horizons.