Horizontally [adjective]

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The structure of these horizontal streaks cannot be formed by the electron showers responsible for auroras, researchers report in the December AGU Advances.

We don’t really have a role within the marketing organization whose job it is to build a horizontal buyer’s journey.

As for the games side, it’s similar to the PS4 in that it’s a horizontal line that you click through, and when a game is highlighted it “takes over” the screen with a background, the latest news, achievements and so on.

A rotating sprinkler also fires a horizontal spray, usually out of two or three nozzles that spin in a circle.

It’s horizontal in nature, it favors interconnectedness, and within it, one gains their humanity, their being, through others gaining their humanity, their being—you are, therefore I am.

Personalize your workspace by hanging the board horizontal or vertical, or choose from eight other available sizes.

Lastly, we now know what’s involved with switching the PS5 between horizontal and vertical orientations.

The robot lives on a room-width horizontal beam that can move along the cage on the perimeter of the house—we'll call this the Y-axis—and then the robot can move left and right along the beam for the X-axis.

Humans also acquire microbes from the environment, however, and the relative importance of vertical versus horizontal acquisitions isn’t entirely clear.

The Mats de Beaupré are upon the same principle; they are soaped poles, laid horizontally, but very high from the ground.