Hornier [adjective]

Definition of Hornier:

sexually aroused

Synonyms of Hornier:

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Sentence/Example of Hornier:

The family fish looked like a horn shark, so they named it Horny.

Nymphs were natural spirits that liked to hang around in the water or woods … and they were super, super horny.

Horny beaks well developed; upper beak moderately arched and deeply indented; lower beak slightly indented.

Horny disc.The general shape of the disc, its irregularity and position, have been already described.

Horny-handed farmers insisted on coming up and shaking his hand, slapping him on the back, inviting him to supper.

Horny beaks of epidermal origin occur casing the jaw-bones in several widely distinct groups of animals.

Horny claws occur on the ends of some or all of the digits in most living reptiles.

It shall be we three against the world,—the Snowy, the Fluffy, and the Horny.

Horny spines often grow on the legs, or tail, or both, assisting in both defense and offense.

I heard auld Horny say something aboot lyin' to there for a bit, to tak a keg or something aboord.'