Horoscope [noun]

Definition of Horoscope:

astrological forecast

Synonyms of Horoscope:

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Sentence/Example of Horoscope:

Listen: when I was young my father had the astrologers of the king of Seville's court cast my horoscope.

In other words, he had cast her horoscope, a proceeding common enough in those days, and one which had no treasonable complexion.

When his queen, Catherine of France, was about to be confined, he himself cast the horoscope of the expected child.

He motioned to them, and they, thinking that the horoscope was to be given, galloped once more to the tent.

It was written in thy horoscope that a Red Bull on a green field—I have not forgotten—should bring thee to honour.

He sits on the tripod; and every page is embellished by a horoscope, which he explains with the utmost facility.

In other words, they are committed to a horoscope based upon your nativity, and from it your glory has been rightly delivered.

His father's dream and his own fearful horoscope passed like awful visions through his mind.

Your horoscope must be cast anew with pluck and loyalty for controlling stars.

The horoscope seller must have taken his degree from some college of venders, his call has such finesse.