Horrendous [adjective]

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When Walmart pharmacists warned headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, about doctors who operated “known pill mills,” did “not practice real medicine” and had “horrendous prescribing practices,” headquarters ignored their pleas, the lawsuit asserts.

It takes time for bacteria to multiply and release that horrendous sweat smell.

Testing has symbolized the United States’ horrendous response to the pandemic.

Again, it’s important that we recognize that horrendous air quality that firms pollute is not fundamentally an indictment of the capitalist system.

I jammed it on my head and then grabbed my throat and made horrendous retching noises.

Monstr'-inform'-ingens-horrendous Demoniaco-seraphic Penman's latest piece of graphic.

The horrendous act of Jacob Miller, therefore, created a sensation.

Or, rather, each horrendous brain had a few partially material appendages and appurtenances recognizable as bodily organs.

Slowly, irresistibly, the horrendous figure stalked forth into the dim light.

It was the most horrendous campaign, for sheer concentration, that had ever battered at the public mind.