Horrified [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Horrified:

When it emerges that said do has a taste for blood, its horrified host becomes tangled in a conspiracy with roots in slave folklore and capitalist hierarchy.

He appeared to be in his community, surrounded by horrified people, many of them young.

I was pretty horrified by how disconnected so many of our representatives are from the future of our economy and working families, how divided they are in fighting instead of problem-solving.

As polio symptoms started manifesting in people who had taken the vaccine, horrified regulators pulled thousands of doses from shelves.

In the video, a group of horrified onlookers demanded to know where the woman was being taken.

Consequently the horrified spectators, having for a moment looked on aghast, fled precipitately from the room.

But Weirmarsh, with his innate cunning, presented to him a picture of exposure and degradation which held him horrified.

Startled and horrified, Georgie had become in regard to her cousin, that born intriguer, but as clay in the hands of the potter.

Was it any wonder that she was horrified when she recalled that gruesome episode of the death of a brave and honest man?

One of them was when he had proposed to adopt a Belgian child, and Aunt Harriet had offered horrified protest.