Horrify [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Horrify:

I remember being equal parts thrilled that the mayor was engaged on the topic and horrified that he had helped set and publicize a standard to open schools that was unachievable.

They’re not horrified by whatever happens to their mother if they feel like they’re a part of it.

I was horrified that my sister-in-law did not merit the use of her own first name.

Gainer watched the television coverage, recognizing faces of the ones he knew and trained, horrified at what was happening, proud when he saw them stand their ground and fight back.

Portugal said she was horrified by his lack of compassion, combined with him providing little detail about her medical history.

Heather was horrified to see Facebook comments about her sister’s death from strangers who argued the coronavirus wasn’t dangerous, or that she hadn’t died of the virus because covid-19 wasn’t real.

Camp says he was horrified by one case during which a tenant who was being evicted over a video conference had to rely on the same property manager evicting him to translate for the court.

He recalled watching a tutorial video from another proctoring system called HonorLock, horrified as he watched the video subject do a long pan of their body.

One woman recalled being “horrified and grossed out” by a student’s behavior but not knowing if she could take disciplinary actions because she didn’t label his acts sexual harassment – she was the teacher, after all.

Not long after the investigation was published, a woman in California reached out to Barrett to say she was touched by her story and horrified that the hospital had sued her.