Horrifying [verb]

Definition of Horrifying:


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Sentence/Example of Horrifying:

Her face was horrifying with its intensity of pathetic regret.

Jack the Ripper was a fiend in human form that was killing women continually in the most horrifying manner and in cold blood.

The execution of the Duc d'Enghien was so horrifying to Chateaubriand that he forthwith resigned his appointments.

Somehow, telling it to someone else, it seemed at once even less real but more horrifying as a possible danger to Jill.

I have never heard a more horrifying scream than that which he uttered.

At first it was horrifying to Neale to have some one depending on him!

You have the hoping habit, and your hopes about other people are really horrifying.

The world offered nothing but the most horrifying possibilities to me.

And at once the trio fled the 'cursed spot and brought the horrifying news to Anderson Crow.

Trennahan had given her more than one glimpse of his past, and it had appalled without horrifying or repulsing her.