Horsed [adjective]

Definition of Horsed:

on horseback

Synonyms of Horsed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Horsed:

Sentence/Example of Horsed:

Then a man got up, for the purpose of making a speech, on the seat of a single-horsed hackney coach standing by the wall.

Nickerson was a hard officer, but he had never hit any of the boys, though he horsed them around.

Twenty-seven mails left London every night, and of these Chaplin horsed fourteen for various distances.

There were not probably a hundred warriors present, but they were all armed, horsed, and under considerable excitement.

The horsed cows, and sheep are to be foddered early and late, and provided with proper shelter.

So this feast was ended, and the Constable, by the advice of Anglides, let purvey that Alisander was well horsed and harnessed.

Then he horsed his brethren again, and said: Brethren, ye ought to be ashamed to fall so off your horses!

And so they rode on their ways, and within a while Sir Dinadan saw where came a knight well armed and well horsed, without shield.

Then were they ware where came a knight afore them well horsed and well armed, and he made him ready to joust.

Then anon they were armed and horsed, and either took a spear and rode unto the forest.