Horseshoes [noun]

Definition of Horseshoes:

arched, rounded line or object

Synonyms of Horseshoes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Horseshoes:


Sentence/Example of Horseshoes:

Making horseshoes isn’t as profitable as, say, investment banking, so the Wolfe family spent most of their vacations in the nearby mountains.

That long period hints that more bat viruses with the potential to infect humans are circulating in horseshoe bats.

On three sides the surrounding ground rose steeply, forming an irregular horseshoe mound that opened to the west.

Up and up went the trail, twisting back and forth in long horseshoe curves.

It is vaulted in stone, and the plain horseshoe arches at the end without any ribs (see illustration), are worthy of notice.

My uncle John was the third man who scaled the walls at the battle of the Horseshoe.

In a scarf of brilliant and gaudy tint he wore a large pin in the form of a horseshoe, with imitation brilliants in it.

A quart of rings and bracelets on each hand and arm, horseshoe earrings, and a big ostrich fan.

Make a small horseshoe magnet from a piece of the very best steel obtainable, and magnetize it to as high a strength as possible.

They bought made-up white silk knotted ties sown with crimson fleurs-de-lys and impaled with a permanent brass horseshoe.