Horsewhipping [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Horsewhipping:

In any matter of horsewhipping the truth hardly ever gets itself correctly known.

Horsewhipping would be no more than the offending editor deserved.

After he got the horsewhipping, he caught up the torch and pushed it into one o' the ricks; and that's as true as I be living.

As it is no uncommon event to take four wives at once, this horsewhipping is naturally rather exhausting for the husband.

Not an Indian dare speak to a Hudson's Bay man on pain of horsewhipping.

Keep your tongue off my home,” he commanded harshly, “or you will get more than a horsewhipping.

Whoever has had the slightest fancy for horsewhipping or kicking him has done it.

"I wouldn't myself be horsewhipping Chinamen much," said Orlando.

Those girls ought to have stopped at the horsewhipping, and been happy.

He at first refused; but, finding that the alternative was to be a horsewhipping, accepted the money, and signed the agreement.