Horsewomen [noun]

Definition of Horsewomen:

horse rider

Synonyms of Horsewomen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Horsewomen:


Sentence/Example of Horsewomen:

All this while we have been assuming the rider to be an accomplished horsewoman, and quite au fait at her fences.

She had been a brilliant and daring horsewoman in her youth and middle age.

In answer to which Miss Furnival confessed that she was a horsewoman, and owned also to having brought a habit and hat with her.

Lady Berengaria was a first-rate horsewoman, and really in the saddle looked irresistible.

The horsewoman stretched herself in the grass and called orders to the horses, should they wander too far from safety.

Later, Serenissimus would ride young and fiery horses; but in this the Countess did not take part, she was but a poor horsewoman.

Pray glance at your mirror and then deny that you are a born horsewoman.

Jarko, my Tartar wife, is an accomplished horsewoman, and teaches the others to ride.

She was a reckless little horsewoman, afraid of nothing, and for that very reason could not be trusted alone.

The young horsewoman rode up to the front door of her house, and paused to let her old friends admire her to their satisfaction.