Horticulture [noun]

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All the common garden fruits of Europe flourish here; but too little attention is paid to horticulture.

The botanical garden and hot-house are on a large scale, and exhibit a favorable specimen of the present state of horticulture.

The first contains the laws relating to agriculture and horticulture; the second, those which refer to feasts and holidays.

In agriculture and horticulture the influence of the farm or the fruit crop rarely extends beyond the owner's fence.

Observe now the chromatic variety and beauty produced by intelligent horticulture!

Nothing is more wanted than light on this subject, and a consequent reform in our fashionable agriculture and horticulture.

The Germans took their horticulture from the Dutch, as they did their landscape gardening from the French.

It was not till gentlemen took up the study of horticulture themselves that the knowledge of gardening made such hasty advances.

His wonderful knowledge of horticulture kept the gardens—French, Italian, English—in perfect order.

Mr. Johnson properly calls him "one of the Scriptores minores of horticulture."