Horticulturist [noun]

Definition of Horticulturist:

vegetable grower

Synonyms of Horticulturist:

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Sentence/Example of Horticulturist:

Meanwhile, certificate programs from institutions like Oaksterdam University, Green Flower and the Cleveland School of Cannabis offer courses in topics like business, horticulture, health care, law and policy.

Nature, the great horticulturist, has here done her best and final work.

His place was well named for he was a great horticulturist, the first to domesticate the Catawba grape.

Mentioned in the Horticulturist of 1850 as growing well in Illinois.

They are not of so much interest to the horticulturist as to the farmer.

There are several species, but two are of interest to the horticulturist.

Of special value to every botanist, horticulturist and farmer.

"If Tanya and you had a son, I would make a horticulturist of him," he said, after a moment's thought.

Mr. Charles Downing of Newburgh, a noted horticulturist, was Edward's valued friend.

Prince was without question the most capable horticulturist of his time and an economic botanist of note.