Hosed [adjective]

Definition of Hosed:

given water

Synonyms of Hosed:

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Sentence/Example of Hosed:

He showered with a hose outside the boarding house where he rented a room.

As some entomologists hit the tree to stir up the hornets, others sucked up the insects through a vacuum hose stuck in the remaining opening to the nest.

Finicky hose-attachment systems can also result in a loose and dangling hose midride, and they make taking the pack off or putting it on feel like a two-step process.

Each of these sprinklers attach to a standard garden hose, and are easy to move to wherever they might be needed.

In the wake of their hoses, the engineer taught me how to make gum guards out of the wax.

Being able to quickly access your tools, outdoor furniture, and hoses can make your home maintenance quicker and more efficient.

Its vent hose is 4 feet and 11 inches long and fits easily into any horizontal or vertical window.

It comes with 10 different pressure settings, a reservoir capacity of over 60 seconds, and the ability to disconnect it from the water hose for travel use.

It sucks the water up through a hose, needing just about 40 seconds to fill up with around 2,000 gallons of fresh water.

I stood before him, ashamed yet glad, hosed and doubleted like a boy, in the Summer Pavilion.