Hospitably [adverb]

Definition of Hospitably:


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Sentence/Example of Hospitably:

When they reached the place, Membertou (who was encamped there), received them hospitably, regaling them with meat and fish.

Rode out in the coach with Malgares; was hospitably entertained at the house of one of the Vallois, where we drank London porter.

From Quebec the delegates proceeded to Montreal, where they were hospitably entertained.

He had instructed the police to conduct us to his house, where he received us most hospitably.

They had been hospitably received and adopted into the tribe.

The guests are hospitably entertained with abundance of food and drink (227-252).

This was one of the posts that we had inspected, and the officers killed had hospitably entertained us.

The new aristocracy was as hospitably large as the old aristocracy had been sternly small.

The door of Marjories house stood open as though hospitably awaiting the arrival of the guest.

These gods promised to Hyricus, a Bœotian peasant, who had entertained them hospitably, whatever he would ask.